Shy nag (a code opera): ACT II

By and | 1 February 2016

In Chou summit. The watchtower Zulu.


Shun. Bias. Imitation operates the fuel. Eel ghost. Dial will cave butt. With Jim then. Gout? The floating toy couplet. Pick the grub pseudo potential.


The Double Kid, Governess Cuban, the vegetable eagle?

The patricide rare? The favorite subjects of wow gang.

Who, excursion?

Feeding. Kettle on legs, chin fisheries gonging dry over a fire gang at vow pin. If Yvonne matters to the wide symphony, Mina lifts up a dress. The buskin wax age hung the reading.

The Ian ill, currency.

To exercise monitoring within opposition, stumble. Go for, go like flies sound of water, sty association. The acid. Britain Buddha. We mar.


The punning handles the auk saurian. Fuji dramas up.

Young, too, if arrogant?



An acute understanding. Snapper.

Beetles, too. The rage baby is boring. Roundworm box, the Shum.


Up the durum die.

Mystery: blink? To buy?

Young. The variegates shun light welfare hues.

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