Shy nag (a code opera): ACT II

By and | 1 February 2016

Settings are indicated by bold underlined text; [ ] indicates stage direction



Barge anchonvy feud tapestry, the Trample, no ether.

Contempt of banning and eliminating Nepal, tip of the cranial Phoenix fan.
Square half lip cobalt.

Patellar static, endure. Bank up the roots of plants.

Pseudo potential, ad:


I.        Driving. A misty wet delivery IPO PC 4 tango end avers prize imam, dug jury’s dictum once turtle emerge serum offloads list tip-off, ante’s bail boater roam the bun thugs feeble exit salty. The sugar lonely bores.

II.        Gem. Card lifts heart shorn between Bath. Fun

Ping: Flat basket tray. The pay umbrella. Dimensions the puma’s kenning pick. Density.

III.        Theta inning. Smug vacuum Gothic dyed. The flour in
box utopian gibers confirm dental alphorn yes pop.
The surface blanches. Their guff deigned sleuth errant, feed loon chiffon. Roughen?

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