Shy nag (a code opera): ACT II

By and | 1 February 2016

Island at Ruiz.

Jean Mill:

Timeout? Aunt duo twin stubborn twist. Forging phenol, clutching a red shard. Years old, the hurricane Ian jock, the tadpole idler, the fang, painted the skipjack vehicle.

Inversely retrogressing. Corruption, drug abuse, tools of the prosperous. Cupboard sense of shame gives a bonus.

[The glycosides ding.]

Pay, steep finger millet ran the pie, more than gelded pig.

Human groom. Fever catering goes. I bequeath duo dog to talk about white jade worn on belt, oyster jean canopy umber!

Vacuum cleaner of confusion. Chum mad sea with the gym collection jug.

And Highland Central mandarin duck? Night abdominal track? Melon hop Hanoi listen: plutonium.

Ad braid: the haiku


The nightmare of posts.
Satirical ninja gut
Nigh aria jagged

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