Shy nag (a code opera): ACT II

By and | 1 February 2016

The transient at Rock Ceremony.


Ashen I said. Wing.

Palpitation joins a former minister line, Ian. He?

A lie? Key curse. The dawdle merchant done? I rib Joe hazy. Wow.

Tree gab shuns: transmit, reproduce, I bowl; the intestine? Key the entertain, yes. Wife? Bribe.

The wan stuffy it.

Lassie? Kea tip. Haul the shop water.

Marriage thief, I, raving you.

Birds of prey up.


Shaun? Of Ping?

I, of mob Lima. To the seconds, key, as received. Cities buzzard.


Work, Human.

A chicken:

For Jason? The reward handkerchief. Damn human! Extension of the shaved. Look! You musk deer, operate. Mandarin duck human, the lie: specifically, Neil is Chua the Yangon? Elbow? Pulls out.

They do. To enter, yes, throw up mix figure. Servant slander mi oh so I, the sieve-like utensil.

Of pure couching. Then do them. Chromium, raised, collapses rebellious Felicia.

I! A consultative champagne harrier

Merchant? Radiance of fire within! Entropy. Cooling hour



On pulls the limulus. Mountain peak? The gallium system gang. Skewer fungi.

The hoot, the sandhog, opens to ferret jaw excluded. Festival limo key. Sobbing friend, insole, and I kid, flutter load months. I, vanilla, all pox, the married cupboard name. In addition, buy the jug-hungry hips congealed.


Add Joe lamps. The mange dill account interpretations.

He? Loyal bias.

I horrified, yes. The treasure mud livestock? Fawn up? He normalized.

Ode to a first instance. Flurried gang jive squint?

Tired. Pennant.

You cut. Alas, to carbuncle you too sing!



Sweep the tight corner men! The up-flow backs of niches; the shaggy adjacent hangs lamb fine silk gauze.

Cymbal filing shuns it.

The eight age, samurai chopsticks cooker. The two zap. Media. Jim, pipeline? Joshing.

The plug bins us. Did fan yes the Jody person? Hurry is wilderness.

Shaun, the undiscriminating leather girth on horse.

Pen? Wang filter. Tyrants. Person vase with a small mouth: hang the mound utopian, long wooden pestle jackal, cheek sang.

House I edition.

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