Metapod: An Essay and Analysis

By | 1 November 2016

Part 2: Find out if your pokemon can be the best

This tool will tell you the IVs of the Pokemon. Leave the ‘Powered’ field as ‘No’ if you have not yet powered it up.
Refine results by searching again after powerup or evolution, see explanation.
Change Language.
Check for new Best Attackers since update 0.31.0
and Recommended Trainer Gear.

Find IVs

10 possible IV combinations found with perfection:
Maximum : 26.7%
Average : 19.1%
Minimum : 11.1%

The maximum level observed was 13. This Pokemon will require at least 55 powerups to reach level 40.5. This would cost 271200 Dust and 304 Candy.

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