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Language is a parasite — LACAN

All languages are equal                                                                                        (the spoken word comes first, writing second)

Language is messy: the lexicon is messy                                                                           (Chomsky would have said as much)

Dictionaries are cumbersome to consult                                                                                                           (never up-to-date)

Bilingual dictionaries are elliptic                                                                                                                (traduttore, traditore!)

Machine-readable dictionaries drive you nuts                                                                                             (try that in Japanese)

Machine translation is a mere machinery of suggestions                                                                      (meaning is in the gaps)

Big Dictionary: Small Grammar                                                                                                                       (swallow that one)

Swallow the dictionary [Y+O] use uncommon, and esp. long words: * `I’m a scribbledehobbleanalyst.’ `A what? You’ll sprain your jore (=jaw) if you start in trying to swallow the dictionary all at one go.’ RM * He may be an expert but can he talk to school-children? They’ll not sit still for half an hour to listen to some guy that’s swallowed the dictionary. * Infin. Or perfect tenses.
No, thanks. Thank you (very much (indeed)). Merci (beaucoup).

Headword: abandon.
Meaning vt (forsake) person abandonner, quitter, délaisser. (fig.) to abandon s.o. to: se liver à, se laisser aller à.

Meaning vt (Jur., etc: give up) property, right: renoncer à; se désister de
Meaning vt (Naut.) ship: évacuer; (Jur.) cargo: faire (acte de) délaissement.

Abase abash abbreviate abduct abet abhor abide abjure abnegate abolish abominate abort abrade abridge abrogate absent absolve absorb abstract abuse accent accentuate accept acclaim acclimate accommodate accompany accomplish accost account accredit accuse accustom achieve acknowledge acquire acquit act activate actualize actuate add addict

Abound about-face abscond abseil abstain abut accede accrue ache acquiesce act adhere advert alight allow allude amble amend answer back apologize apostatize appeal appear appertain approve approximate arc arise arrive arse about arbitrate aspire atone…
Ab.aahbablablahrealitêtebeaubsuneliscribbledhobbleKantsdunichtsehenunacosacoyosolasonneronttuémortdéjànay (abj.)

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