Crossing the Real

By and | 1 August 2014
Each step is                                                   measured
	       in                      potential
thrust rivets                                                  twist and divide		all strain

		                        banks curve away, harshness
of lines			                       ascend from hours                        lung squeeze 

we span                                                                         miles                                   all centred 
	     floats                                    ghosting ferryways                       shift territory

we revise borders                                            steel shanked and pinioned
passage guarantees                                          gale force intrusions		     all sway
is passive.

Function over form                                          we touch
waves		        through openings		                                  slats under car bellies
suspension of held breath					                                                               count all seconds
	      childish fear of			
we reach other sides                                        then assemble new doors

to restrict access.

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