Some Art and Text: David Egan, Thea Jones, Nicola Bryant, Lauren Burrow, Nicholas Smith and Saskia Doherty

By | 1 June 2014
Some Art and Text

Lauren Burrow | Pollia condensata (2013) | Nail polish and acrylic on linen

Some Art and Text

Lauren Burrow | Skimmed rims (2013) | Earthenware with cobalt oxide glaze

Some Art and Text

Lauren Burrow | Acheiropoieton (2013) | Found textile

pollia condensata is a rare plant that produces a dazzling blue berry,
‘the sh


niest living thing’, said a paper. the paper


the shiniest living material from


depths of a forest: ‘the bright blue colouration of this fruit is more
intense than any previously described biological


and, extraordinarily, this colour comes about by a trick of the light in
the berry’s transparent skin, not


the presence of a blue pigment.’ it contains no flesh, just seeds,
resembling other juicy berries while preserving energy


its iridescent guise, changing from different angles.


berry remains vivid for centuries after falling from the plant.


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