Some Art and Text: David Egan, Thea Jones, Nicola Bryant, Lauren Burrow, Nicholas Smith and Saskia Doherty

By | 1 June 2014
Some Art and Text

Thea Jones | Oil Paper (2013) | Moleskine paper with oil stain

‘All we ever really feel is the electromagnetic force, not the other whose touch we seek. Atoms are mostly empty space, and electrons, which lie at the farthest reaches of an atom, hinting at its perimeter, cannot bear direct contact.’

Karen Barad, ‘On Touching – The Inhuman that Therefore I am.’ d i f f e r e n c e s: A Journal of Feminist Cultural Studies. 25, no.3 (2012): 206-223.

Some Art and Text

Thea Jones | Memory-object (2013) | Memory foam pillow | 36 x 64 x 12 cm

Some Art and Text

Thea Jones | Wall Drawing [KB] (2013) | MDF panel wall, paint, carbon paper
transfer | 180 x 240 cm

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