Sinkhole Poem

By | 1 February 2016
I spend the morning on YouTube watching videos of sinkholes: 
                                      ‘Terrifying sinkhole compilation 2010-2014’ 
                                      ‘The sinkhole that is swallowing Louisiana’ 
                                      ‘Girl swallowed by pavement’ 

cylindrical chasm in a Guatemalan kitchen, maybe a meter wide. 
A light dropped in illuminates                                                                             not much. 
911 Call: The house just fell through the floor, my brother is in there. 

Earth telescopes, stars inside the ground.  

Trees shrinking in a lake, 
last leaves peering over until you
                                                                  dip under. Get your hair wet. 

They are sometimes used to hold trash. 

When we moved in the tiles in the bathroom were chipped. 
I took photos, emailed them. 

They have started falling in now. 

It starts at the shower’s edge, continues underneath. 
Meaning: there is nothing between slippery feet and foundations. 

The maybe sinkhole by the sink. 

I wonder if I will fall in while brushing my teeth
                                                                   break my ankle. 

Once, I lifted up the floorboards in an old Fitzroy bedroom 
found fashion magazines, maybe from the 50’s 

(I have always been sure there are things hidden under houses)

Our walls are cracking. 
People come over and say
“these cracks are fucked.” 

If you run a boiled egg under cold water when peeling it, the shell is easier to                                                                                                                   
                                                                                                                                 break off

in the shower I turn off the hot and stay there until I		
                                                                                             can’t breathe.

He is drunk and sticks his hand in where the tiles are sharp
                                                                              pulls out bits of dirt. 

let’s go down the sinkhole. 
Maybe the dog will climb inside. 
They like caves. 

Fox news: Sinking Fast/Fast Sinking.
Shaky, mostly on iPhones, 
train tracks bend, gum-like. 

I don’t want them to fix it. Water on the back, stare down the metallic drain, a
different kind of sinkhole alongside my maybe. 

If I were McCauley Culkin in Home Alone I would lay the bath mat over
create a trap. 

There is a woman on Facebook dishing out conspiracy theories:
there are people living underground 
the earth is hollow
If this is true, I don’t want to be swallowed. 

The Mayans used sinkholes to hold human sacrifice and precious objects. 

There is a sinkhole in Mount Gambier, in the 1800’s they build a garden inside. 
Pulp matter. Mulch. 

At the beach I bury my feet in sand: 
put me back in the ground.

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