CIRCLES (A Parable)

By | 1 August 2017

Book III

On the perilous edge/ Of battle when it raged/ The mind is its own place/ yielded light/ As from a sky/ Ran purple to the sea/ like a deluge on the south/ I give not heaven for lost/ I give not/ this huge convex of fire/ Of angels watching round/ seek/ Deliverance/ then in the keyhole turns/ The intricate wards/ I give not/ Which way the nearest coast/ Alone, and without guide, half lost/ a pyramid of fire/ I give/ by dubious light/ Alone, without/ This pendant world/ No light/ yielded/ o’er the crystal battlements/ he fell, from noon/ I give/ I give/ The mind/ thou art my father, thou my author, thou/ not for heaven/ lost/ not for/ what in me is dark/ what in the keyhole coasts/ with opal towers/ undetermined square or round/ Illumine

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