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By | 1 May 2014
FADO: Return of the Sea*

Thread drawn from the flesh
Is like a sleeping child    softness of the child
Demarcates how far I must look into the distance

Endlessly stripping off a piece of gleaming dolphin skin
Ripples of light sing    from birth
Scattering jade blue    sundried words

A million years of song await that return
A million years    every instant is a cliff
The silvery white of fish bones suddenly penetrates the body

Fine sand diffuses the speed of light underwater
Light from the lamp on the sunken ship’s mast
Night after night plumbs     the depth of the heart’s dead seabed

Sing    on the locked sea
The wrecks’ love stabs blind the eyes    wounds
Ripples of onlookers surround the wound in the home village

Sing    a thread of blood in a sexual encounter
Does not deny the child’s pain
Scorched orphan splashed up by the reef    at birth

Is shattered    and in life is shattered while growing
My focus follows the tides within the name
Growing to maturity    goblet with the sea’s bitter saltiness

Always being removed    at the edge of the sky
An open louvered window    sea gulls
Fly towards it    always returning to a single singing voice

100,000 years of brilliance    100,000 clouds
This cloud holds tight a small face    burnishing it with gold
To love the sea is to love you    and the fate that I swallow

像个婴儿睡着 婴儿的软 
粼粼光斑唱着 从诞生里 
撒出碧蓝的 被暴晒的辞 
千百年 每刹那是座悬崖 
夜夜测定 海底死进心底的深度 
唱 锁住的海面上 
残骸们的爱刺瞎了眼睛 伤 
唱 一缕血丝的色情 
礁石溅起的焦糊孤儿 诞生 
就是碎的 且毕生发育着碎 
长大 大海苦咸的酒杯 
总刚刚端走 在天尽头 
推开百叶窗 海鸥 
迎面飞 总刚刚还回一支歌喉 
千百年的灿烂 千百朵云 
用这朵箍紧一张小脸 烫了金 
爱海就是爱你 和我咽下的命运

*‘Fado’ is a type of Portuguese folksong that is sad, sombre and sentimental, and said originally to have been sung by women by the seashore watching out for the return of the sailors. ‘Fado’ is ‘fate’ in English and ‘mingyun 命运’ in Chinese.

* Fado:一种葡萄牙民歌,悲怆、深沉而激情,据说早先为海边眺望水手归来的妇女们所唱。Fado 就是英文里的Fate,意为命运。

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