18 Works by Maxxi Minaxi May

By | 1 February 2022

Maxxi Minaxi May | Blush (pink up) | 2021 | H190mm x W190mm x D12mm (unframed) | Washi tape (paper), glue and epoxy resin on board | Raw Colour, Holmes á Court Gallery, West Perth. (Raising awareness of breast cancer) | Private collection

Pink, white, lace, weaving and paper are used in this work to symbolise solidarity for women. Pink, that shade between white and red. Lace in the form of web-like patterns printed on mass-produced paper (washi tape), rather than constructed. Weaving interlaces and integrates traditional techniques and concepts with contemporary interpretations and fabrication, creating flower-like and ripple patterns. To blush is to pink up, whether that be naturally or by adding blusher.

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