18 Works by Maxxi Minaxi May

By | 1 February 2022

Maxxi Minaxi May | Rapped in Pinks | 2021 | Installation – L13.5m x H4.5m x W2.1m (approx.) | Foam pool noodles, MDF, pine & oak dowel, paint, lighting gels | Hundreds & Thousands, Fremantle Arts Centre (kid’s exhibition)

This is a follow on from the wall straw installation Synthetic (2011) (collaboration with Dawn Gamblen), at Linden Centre for Contemporary Art. Given the colour pink for this exhibition, this is the pink room, with touches of orange. The installation is inspired by beading, and specifically, my fondness for Hama / Perler beads, plastic fusible beads that are arranged on a plastic pegboard to form shapes and patterns. Sections of shapes of pool noodle beads are arranged in colour onto large, shaped pegboards. Shapes that children may find familiar from the natural and made environments include clouds, donuts, squiggles, dots, droplets, amoebic, leaves and circles. These shapes are surrounded by the psychedelic patterns inspired from the 1960s in swirls of pinks and orange.

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