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By | 1 February 2018

Lara Chamas | I am your mirror, here are the stones | mirrorised slumped | 2016

This iteration of my grandmother’s rug, like Stairway, features the shapes based off the original rugs damage. This work borrows theory from a poem by Rumi. Namely the part taken, is the line ‘would you rather throw stones at a mirror? I am your mirror, here are the stones’ Rumi was writing about love. Many interpretations of his poetry is romantic in a non-platonic sense, another popular interpretation is professing love to God and is an expression of the poets faith. I have taken this line and used it as a process. I created a mould of a flat surface, with only the shapes I have created from the feet / knee holes cut out forming holes in the mould. A large piece of glass was slumped over this mould, and it created two holes mimicking the shapes I created. The piece was then mirrored, slumped glass forming a distorted imperfect mirror. The work is propped up, supported by the very stones that could be thrown to smash it.

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