Rivers – New Madrid

By | 1 August 2017
rage long before you do          squint, see her there          still holding onto your arm but
not in any companionable way          old folks rave about pirates          men with thin
noses          knife-noses plundering riverbanks          to gauge          to gadgets          Mississippi
spits them up from somewhere else          careful numbers          sharp instruments.

new madrid where the river ran backwards sudden islands brand-new riverbottom with full houses your measuring devices looking to eddies and mud for answers. distant firecrackers that night the one you keep mentioning
width smooths center of earthquake fields rolled like water riverbottom pushed up as brand-new ground river purely swallowed old ground some down others up all across.
depth impossible measuring discouraged boats careful wishing careful digging
depth digging careful wishing careful boats discouraged measuring impossible
width wish begins love stare across water curse is wish made true (spit) then, despite wisdom, regulations, best practices wishes granted electrification leads wishers across.
new madrid back from riverbank places have more permanence ground barely shifting behind skeletons of devices, towers and levers scars deeper than good riddance small wound ministrations staying transforms mystery to petty annoyance
rivers no one wants again that thing with fingernails closer water moving in strange swirls rivers bring the unexpected what’s been spit out towns scoot further back from banks you all walk up and throw things in you need it to take back.

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