from The Totality Cantos [15I+50H]

By | 1 April 2016
            Amass pessimistic concrete innocent economy bits
  Exposed expert ego chronologies
                 Applied associated atomism harmony frames
        Dependent activity technique
          Made armed libidinal foregoing material gnostic stranglehold sketch turn
    Everything added
      Clear servant withdrawal categorization metaphysics accuracy love devices
              Ritual refusal galaxies measure personal constant coitus aesthetics thought relations
            Expect kind particular difference motion model correspondent tongues
          Analytic gravitational shadow commandments trained arbitrary conscious pantheon universe mountains
                Attack modern selection doctrine existence
      Pervasive human cultural continental mandala actuality interplay unity ideas
        Trivial determinant preoccupation theory circle fruit
  Mistaken canons
              Enchanted grace denial
                  Corollary touchstone praxis thousandths
                  Adoption coup textile construction painting historian mutations
  Demographic sublime manner camera extinction compliance facticity situation object
    Grip glaring positive political carbon century news works
            Humanist neighborhood chancellor cornerstone opportunity method
    Globe elements reconstruct coherent survey number empire bishops
                  Advance same secure economic charismatic pattern vanitas brain set
              Deciding elaborate existentialist ownership poetics technology effect
            Solar conceptual reformer spiralled separation example
Riots compendium before enemy scriptures

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