Kōrerorero / the say-so

By | 1 November 2019


A peach, anticipates Summer.
It’s softness reminding you of dimpled thighs,
your own,
juices sticky upon a sunkissed chest.

A peach, may
grow a baby
seed another

A Peach, just may
start a surging
a feeling
a relentless pursuit of
a never forgetting
must always remember
hold to account
never give up
A Peach just may start a movement

A Peach just may be
an acceptance
an inevitability
give hope when, there is none.

A Rakuraku, anticipates war,
Eyes alert, breathing steady, always at the ready
Untrusting of instituition
Trusting intuition
A Rakuraku will hold to account
never give up
pursue an injustice

A Rakuraku
Is sure, is certain
A Rakuraku, resists, rallys against.

A Rakuraku will die for

A Rakuraku, has.

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