Speech-To-Text Poetry Experiments created by Jason Nelson


Poetry from Media Filtered through Speech-to-Text Software

Digital Poetry




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Using speech to text software trained to my scratchy and yet (in the afternoon) velvety voice, I process the worlds of media (movies, radio, music, crowds, the ocean). The software, as all technology, is an imperfect and jealous lover that misunderstands explosions, or ambient noise as text, and retranslates the sounds and dialogues, finds hidden words beneath what we (and it) hears. Think of the process as an interpretive dance, a jittery technological oracle for our electronic boxes that shine out uncertain media prophets. These poems are the first in a series of noise to poetics experiments.

The Rules

Once the raw text file was generated from the source (recording the movies, radio programs and on and on) I recreated the text into a poetic form. All text stayed in the same order, but words were removed, lines broken, enjambment toyed. And the only text additions allowed were a few prepositions or conjunctions, the occasional plural/possessive, some grammar wrecking punctuation and a titling system to give the whole chaotic swagger a bit more framework.






S. Latitude













lingering this world insists ))=+)

nominee solutions were used as machines

fusion matrix is computer-generated green ]]=

everyone was a phone, a failed oxidation, a concrete bowl.

  • proxim
    Every Twenty Seconds: Part Two:  (The sounds and dialogues of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) radio filtered/translated through a ‘speech to text’ program and then carved into poetry.)
  • proxim
    1.1: Desirous:

    We went from ‘trying to die’
    to ‘holds the senior position’

    and needy and continuingly kind
    children under the holiday.
  • proxim
    Intent's health insurance harnessed
    by Chicago's Asia-supported crisis.

    canister-fatal case for the ongoing.
    To represent the entitled,
    makes Asia angry. We can relate
    you are or you'd be
    dedicated to the inflated.
  • proxim
    2.1: Zealous

    Incorporated heart, prison army
    responds less to cannot science.

    The council is justice, for inquiries

    strong rulings for visiting functions.
  • proxim
    2.2 Rushing sunshine

    holds a profit directed
    s to decipher the patent.
    Citizens collect information
    on the ancient,

    to sell networks,
    an innovation holiday in concert,
    the rushing style of science.
  • proxim
    3.1: Ferrous
    This is an easy and ancient polish
    crashing up to see a thousand
    year-old following, wanting
    titles and worries.

    Origin voters under the federal
    computer , a “Significant Issue
    of Coronary Artery” isn’t evidence
    into lucky malfunction.
  • proxim
    3.3 Authorities
    overview the animals, professional trends,
    old-fashion ways of consoles.

    Ancient is blue holding love
    or grandchildren crashed out
    they see a thousand trampled
    Over the nine days infection
    stolen computing factors.
  • proxim
    3.5 the ancient
    the wishing kind climbs citizens
    pre-existing mechanical Finkelstein
    Recites: 200 and affinity

    stranglehold considers polish
    and the ongoing monochrome

    the shortages were your heart.

Franchisees of Polio, a significant increase of trustees and ice cream.

ancient price of looking for children and follow this narration

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Translating the History Channel

Into poetry: a raw version, so very raw. skin like skin, but raw


As an example of the raw filtered text files and the poetic translation process

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  • proxim


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  • proxim


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  • proxim


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  • proxim


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  • proxim


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  • proxim


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Breaking Tech for Poetry

Recipe: open software, spit out lovely oddities, baffling wonderments


An Intermission

Although your fingers only move north/south, like small Oklahoma guns in a Chevy Nova's trunk.


Although I will never reel as close as pathologists, rehab for vocal needs. A barium swallow as nuclear beginning to uncovering which map is left in the fire, in the fireplace, in the place, the mouth.

Public Radio:Australia (part 2)

And the aluminum of my computer listened and listened to the talking flesh


pre-poetry text born from my puter screen.

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Attrition Frequency

  • Marketing
  • Divisions Die
  • And I disputed
  • enough second media.


Apex species

  • born on card slots
  • satellites, portable studies
  • to arrange the uterus
  • They find people little.


Our company seeks

  • to develop a soldier,
  • shouted, without trembling,
  • a wallpaper
  • for grateful working.


Bullies in China

  • have discovered mammals
  • who desire their own daughters.
  • Full running, shoemakers
  • should hold the media.

2.1: Selection Sold to do shots: The orange holes, her controlling talk of pixels.




3.1: Confliction

 Wish to Iran:    “Shoulders started going home.”

        Iraqi motor vehicles are exploded (virtual nourishment).

Trading the Iraqi soldiers,  a functional picture book.  You can write

                for an unreported market:

                              “Kindergarten: the way that they want”.


Publicly the book about wanted Iraqi soldiers

             (accounting and old children) wishes to intrude

                       into other industries,            to enroll the soccer honestly.


Treasured Capitol Hill and their content delivery truck,   a correlated shuffle.


Those awaiting the police wish the shooting (wrongful social pushing)

                      was later lost in the week, 

                    the 1964 motor of three young civil rights workers

                                       in Mississippi will be drawn.

4.1: Solicitation

 And  troubleshooting our annual income 

               below the “Follows Revenues” provided by the Company,


Shooting  and going Ks is only a business, as little creatures with restrictions,

                                   little showtime shuttles,      vehicles convicted of nothing.


 Intrusion is charged to the voter’s acumen, a way for the Opera

                          launching initiatives and computers for the knees,

               medicine for AAA in the community.

 5.1: Predilection

 We do love systems,             and television travels.


 The computer of potential was as close as bases,            holes for you

             as a capital generator and duty yet another auto wholesale.


 En Route, you are not over the benevolent, an ongoing hold,

                                  so heavy that the people  cannot do it all.


 How can you who are 99,             a vinegar grapple

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 You'll know my shuffle full well   to achieve 

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and another yesterday is called a good deal.


 Steel           pulses             a base to postal bills.

 6.1: Reproduction

Children's little significance will allow for the legal       two-story fields.


In the division,  charities become too kind  (preferable to be careful), all stifle, 

                             and eventually she was shot and sexual revealed.


Tied to reveal      it is not running,  the pool shoulders in 2001.


Installed with a false letter, she was taking bottom

          and confusion.      And in the 1960s he was a current, 

      easy along the forest,      wanted to mourn away   too indispensable

 to study how important usually is in the south of optional cost.

  7.1: Accumulation

The shutout storage              deadlines for the actions of corporation.


 Their repression is expected, the Indians south of South Africa.


 A letter today to attract a rushing village hall,   an editorial genie.   




Historical governments aren’t always trying to own thinking.


                                                                                    8.1: Confusion

Usually one is a study (bullies the commission of my life). 


The article on how it is that an emergency allows the uninsured  a site.


 It was her body, all authorities and coalitions,  a historic cabin

       for the volatility of United States,  and cannot  go into

   the Winding Weapons of Mass Destruction,   Iraqi for the wind

            deliveries             trying to die     and found with the State.


9.1: Termination
Elections are not likely to shoot into anything ancient.

9.2: An unconventional enclave, the daytime recovers an interstate for the night in handling destroyers.

9.3 Results to them do not .

  • proxim
  • proxim
  • proxim
  • proxim
  • proxim
  • proxim

The Speech-to-Text poetry Experiment continues, elsewhere through other wires.

come play: www.heliozoa.com


A Redundant Ending

(the text file, sexistly and numberistly ends with this, slightly varyin ): a and a 0 and a and a and a 000 in a 0 and a and a 000 in a and a 0 and a and a and a 000 in a 0 and a and a and a 0 and a and a and a and a and a and a 000 in a and a and a 000 in a 000 in a 0 and a and a 0 and a and a and a and a 000 in a and a and a and a and a him in a 000 in a 000 in a 000 in the in a 000 in the in a and a 0 and a and a and a and a and a and a 000 in the in a 0 and a and a and a and a and a 0 and a 000 in a and a and a 000 in a 000 in the in a and a and 0 a and a and a and a and a and a and a and a 0 and a and a and a and a 0 and a and a 0 in a 000 in a and a 000 in the in a 0 and a and a and a and a and a 000 in the in a 000 in the in a 000 in the in a and a and a and a and a and a 000 in the in a 000 in the in a 0 and a and a and a and a 000 in the in a 0 and a and a him in a 000 in the in a and a 000 in a 000 in a 0 and a and a 000 in the in a him in a 000 in a 0 in a 0 in a 0 in a 0000 in the in a 0 in a 0 and a him in a 000 in a 0 in a and a 0 in a 0 in a 0 in a 0 and 100 in the in a him in a 000 in a 000 in the in a 000 in the in a 0 and a him in a 000 in a him in a him in a him in a 0 in a 0 in a 0 in a 0 in a 0 in a 0 in a 0 in a him in a 0 and a him in 100 in the in a 0 and a him in a him in a him in a 000 in a him in a 0 and a him in a him in a him in a 000 in a him in a him in a 000 in the in a 0 him in a him in a 0 in a 0 him in a 000 in the in a him in a 000 in the in a him in a him in a 000 in a 0 him in a him in a 000 in a him in a him.


Jason Nelson: Australia and Oklahoma

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