Pascalle Burton

Agent Orange (에이젼트 오렌지)

it is six years gone that automatic expressline divorce operation walking shellshocked from the wreckage making no changes to diet or exercise his head still stuck in the book of trees the book of flowers on occasion, the kama sutra …

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A survey of bearded men (수염 기른 남자들에 대한 조사)

I grow a beard because I hate constant shaving I grow a beard to look distinguished I grow a beard because it is the natural thing to do I grow a beard because it is manly I grow a beard …

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Particulunar (Eye and Spoon)

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Flarfing Ginsberg

Allen Ginsberg Academic articles, collected poems Cancer-related heart attack, intelligent bridge-player The most reliable source: corduroy, synthetic biology, rare foot Howl, Howl, Hello, my name is blog! Whitman, Ginsberg, Washington DC Zombie Hamster obscenity trial Longtime spokesperson Forthrightly gay, freedom …

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[audio:] Gilbarco (1:05)

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