Michelle Cahill

Flash Bulbs in the Dark: Women are Dynamite

The poetry canon does women few favours. Over the years, I’ve had to seek out and find my own choice femmes to balance out the bookshelves. Never feeling the pull of Plath or Dickinson, I went from Sappho to Aphra …

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Heather Taylor Johnson Reviews Michelle Cahill

Vishvarūpa by Michelle Cahill Five Islands Press, 2011 Michelle Cahill’s second collection is marvellously named Vishvarūpa, Sanskrit for “manifold, having all forms and colours”. The cover is classic black and silver, with a close-up photograph of a Hindu deity’s sculpture. …

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Five Sijo For My Raider (침입자를 위한 다섯 수의 시조)

Enemy, you have raided my country, your handwriting floats

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Reading the Mahābhārata

Once in a ruptured past before mutiny or Midnight's Children,

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