Les Wicks


We write beneath the noise of men in our choice of cell. Wrath and keyboards perpetuity and fashions of cruelty. Lies are by nature brittle (I hope this thing) written on your lips. white paint is medicine. Welfare on wheels …

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1. BIRTHDAY DAY Pollock lipstick vagabond slippers, the snug imprisonment of tracksuits smeared with 11:30 soft-diet lunch. Begin to hope the progress behind pharmacological ramparts. The real medicine is touch all other expertise unnecessary. I am now a fixture here …

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An almost accidental smear of yellow beside the strident gold of our more important streets, almost like a break in colour lines, the street directory derailed. Between Port Botany and the Gateway to Australia pedestrians are by definition suspicious no …

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Frank Malley: Cheese Roll & Living

FRANK MALLEY was born suffering from an affliction of money. He was a self-made major figure in the Australian literary scene mainly through self-publishing. His self-written obituary describes him as working selflessly for the common man.

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rob walker reviews Les Wicks

Someone once said that you shouldn't use poetry to tell a story. Either Les hasn't heard this, or he chooses to ignore it. Much of his work consists of poetic snapshots which are acerbic cross-sections of the narratives of ordinary people; and it's the very ordinariness of Wick's characters which elevates them to heroic status.

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Set Free

Les Wicks' latest collection is Appetities of Light (PressPress, 2002)

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Give It a Try

Les Wicks' most recent collection is Appetites of Light (PressPress, 2002)

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