Komninos Zervos reviews Papertiger #3

Papertiger New World Poetry #3 (CD-ROM for PC) Paul Hardacre & BR Dionysius (eds) papertiger media, Brisbane, 2003 The third CD-ROM of poetry has been released by Papertiger Media and yet again presents the work of many of Australia's finest …

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Moses Iten reviews Rattapallax 7

'The beauty of Arabic voices clouds my senses, which is all too ready to fall in love with tragedy.'

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David Prater Interviews Justin Treyvaud

Justin Treyvaud and Bec Lean published a literary journal by the name of mod_piece for two years between October 2001 and October 2003. A grand total of 22 issues were produced in this time (because they took January off each …

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Anna Hedigan surveys Australian journals on the web

Few of these journals have capitalised on the cross-over between people who love to read “hard” books and journals, and web-readers. Do they think we're all searching for porn? Or are they worried that posting content from their journal will dilute their brand?

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Peter Savieri reviews Going Down Swinging 20

The nobility of writing is in the attempt to reach meanings that are beyond its grasp and to refine its crudely encoded language to evoke resonances outside words.

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Timothy Yu casts his eye over Cordite #10!

In an effort to get at least one person to critically appraise our magazine, we asked Stanford-based academic and poet Timothy Yu to review Cordite 10: Location Asia-Australia. And before you ask, of course he wasn't paid for it.

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Alison Arnold summarises the launch of GDS19

Going Down Swinging survived the worst excesses of the 1980s and 1990s to arrive in 2001 alive and kicking. As befitting its reputation as a Melbourne underground institution, the Old Colonial Hotel on Brunswick Street was packed with writer types …

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Q&A with Paul Grover

Studio: a Journal of Christians Writing recently turned 20. In its pages it has published the work of a variety of Australian writers, including Les Murray and Kevin Hart. Paul Mitchell spoke to the journal's managing editor, Paul Grover, about …

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Gaby Bila-Gunther: It’s not easy being zine

How can one ignore names such as Inter Urban Service, RIP, Anti-Gravity or Lose Ugly Flab By Eating Less? They come inside matchboxes, envelopes, or gently packed in wrapping paper. Some you can't even view without 3D glasses. Some are …

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