Fiona Wright

Bagnier (바그니에)

When their skirts swell in the flouncing water like the thick wave of a stingray, and their hair grows weedlike on their cheeks, and their eyes are as swift as shoaled fish, that’s when I know I’m needed most. Their …

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Terrace (테라스)

for Tara A girl in coral and horn glasses is discussing the relative frequency of her massages and orgasms, and how protein shakes are made from cattle hearts, and how the sniffer dogs might find the Valium in her handbag. …

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We Took Their Zombies

Your zombie calls, and you answer it

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The scissors hissed.

The scissors hissed. it had a calming effect on deirdre, taking her back to her spool-a-day youth the children in dirty blue tunics Mrs Craft, knitted out of wool the wiry hairs pulled out long and thick Fear is in …

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After Medusa, Newtown

The scissors hissed.

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Maggie: An Apology

Through all           the little stories heard as emulsive-minded children           on rickety and wrinkled knees, we soaked them in           but never developed, stayed unlit, stayed negative; and Maggie, ghosting darkly           on the edge of my inheritance. The vibrating shadowness through hazy …

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