Duncan Hose

Lamb Chantey

Woodpies lurk near what may be a very fancy shantie Wild clover up close is the detail of compromise Hey noddy noddy 2 loins form a very grand roasting joint known as the saddle Soft bickering of your teats I …

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Ratbag Editorial

Ratbag poetry and Ratbag poets are not, necessarily, one and the same. There are poets for whom a Ratbag poem requires the serious maltreatment of themselves, while there are others for whom Ratbaggery is the effortless demonstration of their personal grace. There are poets who begin writing as Ratbags and become stockjobbers of Romantic flap, while others begin by making exquisite paste and later come to hear the sublime music of the rant.

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Poem Called Laphroaig (Dedicated.)

His wedding boot was rupled His pecker is set straight (like Wyatt) Let us speck of knightage: knights collectively Let us specke of the expansion but not the breach\ Like when a king eats a king I’ll have the bones …

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deep in richmond

deep in Richmond among the rank

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Tapping into the Latest Fur Trade

Remb Remember the name of a girl called Bonny Lander! Remember? Saskatchewan FUR HIGHWAYS Yakutia Canada, Siberia HIGHWAYS Lined with fur Only a way to come Back Bonny Search out the Pizzle: glowing cherries above the snow Like a saint's …

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