Dan Disney

Notes from Yerevan, Armenia

First impression: Yerevan undulates out the semi-desert, ringed with what look suspiciously like nuclear reactors. Flight SU1860 jolts down at (the recently privatised) Zvartnots airport, and we pass a dis-assemblage of passenger jets in various states of stripped-down decay. In …

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Enter Cordite Scholarly

Cordite Scholarly is a new section of Cordite Poetry Review devoted to peer-reviewed research on Australian and international poetry and poetics. Essays published in Cordite Scholarly are reviewed by at least two members of Cordite’s Academic Advisory Board (or see …

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A Series of Fives: Notes from Seoul

This is a country of ghosts and robots. A country of seven thousand living poets – none of them talking to one another. The once-hermit kingdom, where all but gentry were garbed in white, now spills the neon of frantic …

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‘You’re alive, and I’m alive’: Resistance and Remembering in Ko Ŭn’s Maninbo

Ko Ŭn is a literary giant who has gathered together a suite of folk stories, anecdotes, vignettes and asides in order to construct the monumental edifice of his Maninbo. The title translates literally as the ‘family records of ten thousand lives’, and the poet seems compelled to record the details of those who might otherwise be erased from history.

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Trains (an Essay)

A man might spend his life in trains and restaurants and know nothing of humanity at the end. Aldous Huxley, Along the Road: Notes and Essays of a Tourist The world is medium-sized. Michel Houellebecq, Lanzarote Romania (Part 1) We've …

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Matt Hetherington reviews Dan Disney

Dan Disney, The Velocity of Night Falling Hit & Miss Publications, 2003 It's reasonable to suggest that we live in somewhat Tragicomic times. A well-known satirist (whose name I forget) recently complained of being completely unable to mock the American …

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… I once asked a deaf magician the famed question: if a tree falls in the forest, will it always make a noise? He wrung his hands wretchedly, then signed “yeah; but what’s a man to do?” Earlier, he’d pulled …

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