Ali Cobby Eckermann

At Knowth

we are all just passing through this place of tabernacles and tombs scripted in a language we can no longer read do the concentric circles carvings freeze the breath of your sentimental heart? are the zigzag lines accounts of storms …

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At Giants Causeway Northern Ireland

Lets falsify the census to topple the popular And drift enmasse to Burrup Peninsula With pride to protect the petroglyphs whatta we got to stay home for? eating snags on toast ‘cos we got no chops fish and chips on …

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At Glendalough Ireland

What is this obsession to tourist the dead? I can’t understand if it is to prove A history of belonging Or a pride of invasion. The rapunzel tours have failed To pierce the blue velvet of sky The graveyard is …

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Tina Giannoukos Reviews Ali Cobby Eckermann

3 x EckermannAli Cobby Eckermann’s work offers us a compass to our past and present. In poetry, memoir and verse novel, she maps a journey of Aboriginal identity and the historical and contemporary challenges to its integrity and resilience. What emerges is a profound engagement with healing and the articulation of Aboriginal space as always present, alive, intruded upon but utterly felt. She renders legible how ‘Footprints don’t fade / Culture / Kami May’ (‘Mai’, Love dreaming & other poems).

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Sam Byfield reviews the APC New Poets Series

Canyon by Andrew Slattery
Little bit long time by Ali Cobby Eckermann
Evengelyne by Helen Hagermann
Awake During Anaesthetic by Kimberley Mann
Australian Poetry Centre, 2009

I read the four New Poets chapbooks with a high level of curiosity and expectation. Published by the Australian Poetry Centre, these collections represent the rebirth of the Five Islands Press New Poets Series, which published the first chapbooks of approximately 75 Australian poets until its cessation in 2007. The Five Islands Press series provided an important stepping stone for a number of poets who since their first collection have established themselves in the Australian poetry landscape.

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