Oz-Ko Links

Below you will find some useful links related to Korean literature.

Korea Language Translation Institute
The KLTI is the Korean government’s literature translation body, and a supporter of Oz-Ko.

The Asialink Centre at the University of Melbourne is a major supporter of Oz-Ko.

An Sonjae
The webpage of Brother Anthony, known in Korean as An Sonjae. A wealth of Korean poetry.

Paju Book City
Paju Book City is “an indus­trial city related specif­i­cally to books” whose aim is “to recover the lost human­ity”.

Moonji Publishing
One of Korea’s best known publishers, with a reputation for publishing great poetry.

Korea’s answer to Melbourne’s Sticky Institute – zines, books and events.

Moonji’s digital culture foundation organises symposia and performance-related events.

Kodos’ Photolog
Beautiful images of Korea and Koreans.

The Hankyoreh
English-language version of one of Korea’s best known independent newspapers.

Conversations with Yi Sang
A site-specific installation at the former house of Korean poet Yi Sang.

Jooyoung Lee
Seoul-based artist and writer, author of ‘Fantasy Residency in North Korea’.

Open Source Satellite Initiative (OSSI)
The brainchild of Hojun Song, OSSI plans to launch an open-source satellite into space!

Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries
Long-running, Korean-based web art project. Requires Flash. And probably sunglasses.

Seoul Selection
A great little Seoul-based bookshop, publishers of Seoul Magazine.

Jackson Eaton on Flickr
Check out some more photos by Jackson Eaton, whose images grace Oz-Ko.

Welcome to Pyongyang
A terrific North Korean photo-essay by Charlie Crane

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