Oz-Ko Credits

CORDITE 35: Oz-Ko | 호주 – 한국

Released: April-August 2010
Editors: Eun-gwi Chung and David Prater
Assistant Editors: Dan Disney (ROK) and Nick Whittock (AUS)
Editorial Advisors: An Sonjae and Nicolas Low
Features Editor: Matthew Hall
Reviews Editor: Ali Alizadeh
Audio Editor: Emilie Zoey Baker

This special issue, the first stage of which was launched in April 2011, brings together works by contemporary Australian and Korean poets in an unique, bi-lingual online platform. It is a partnership between Cordite, Asialink, the Australia Council for the Arts, the Australian International Cultural Council, the Malcolm Robertson Foundation and the Korea Literature Translation Institute. It is timed to coincide with the Australia Korea Year of Friendship 2011, celebrating fifty years of diplomatic relations between Australia and the Republic of Korea. The editor for the Australian contributions is Cordite’s Managing Editor, David Prater, while Eun-gwi Chung presents a selection of works by Korean poets. Both sets of works have now been translated and made available on the Cordite website in English and Hangul.

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