35: OZ-KO

35: Ozko 35.0: Ozko (Envoy) 35.1: Ozko (Hoju-Hanguk) 35.2: Ozko (Hanguk-Hoju)

Cordite 35: Ozko is now online … | 언로보도자료: 호주-한국 詩 교류 프로젝트

On behalf of Cordite Poetry Review, including all of our editors, translators and contributors, I am extremely proud to announce the publication of a special issue of our magazine devoted to contemporary poetry from Australia and the Republic of Korea.

Timed to coincide with the Australia-Korea Year of Friendship, which celebrates fifty years of diplomatic relations between our two countries, Cordite 35: OZ-KO aims to stimulate creative collaborations between Australian and Korean poets and readers, and features one hundred new poetic works, plus a variety of features and other articles.

The issue is divided into three parts.

35.0: OZ-KO (ENVOY) – features new works by twenty Australian poets in English responding to the theme of Australia-Korea relations.

35.1: OZ-KO (HOJU-HANGUK) – features works by twenty more Australian poets both in English and Hangul, with translations by Kim Gaihyun and Kim Sunghyun.

35.2: OZ-KO (HANGUK-HOJU) – features works by twenty Korean poets in English and Hangul, selected by Eun-gwi Chung and translated by Eun-gwi Chung and Brother Anthony of Taizé.

Cordite Poetry Review was established in 1997, and is Australia’s premier Internet poetry magazine, having garnered a reputation for publishing experimental and innovative works by both established and emerging Australian poets. Cordite receives funding from the Australia Council for the Arts, the federal government’s peak arts funding body, and boasts a large and varied readership.

This special issue has been made possible through funding provided by the Korea Language Translation Institute, the Asialink Centre at the University of Melbourne, the Australian International Cultural Council and the Australia Council for the Arts.

I believe that this special issue of Cordite Poetry Review represents an ideal opportunity for Korean works to be read by an international audience, and for Korean audiences to read Australian poets in Hangul is, in my opinion, also exciting. I hope that you will enjoy reading this fantastic collection of works.

Best wishes!

David Prater
Managing Editor
Cordite Poetry Review

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