Best Australian Poems & Poetry 2009

5 October 2009

We're very pleased to announce that the following four poems, which first appeared in Cordite, have been included in Black Inc's Best Australian Poems 2009, edited by Robert Adamson.

Ivy Alvarez Curing The Animal (#29: Pastoral)
Sarah K. Bell Reconstructing a Rabbit (#30: Custom/Made)
Jen Jewel Brown Breath (#29: Pastoral)
Anne Elvey Between (#30: Custom/Made)

Not to be outdone, Alan Wearne has chosen five poems originally published in Cordite for inclusion in UQP's The Best Australian Poetry 2009.

Ali Alizadeh: The Suspect (#27: Experience)
Jennifer Compton: Ex-Yugo (#29: Pastoral)
Sarah French: Wards of State of Western Australia (#28: Secret Cities)
Brendan Ryan: Factory Boys (#27: Experience)
Ian C Smith: Your Hair Was So Yellow (#29: Pastoral)

We're super-thrilled for each of the poets selected! Congratulations also to the editors of each of the issues in which these poems first appeared! All the more reason, then, to get your creative hat on and submit your long, longer or longish poems to Cordite 31.0: EPIC today!

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2 Responses to Best Australian Poems & Poetry 2009

  1. vernyce dannells says:

    it's a credit to the editors, writers and readers all around to find a published work anointed elsewhere.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks very much, Vernyce!


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