Gibberbird: Of Birds and Other Strings

15 August 2012


‘Gibberbird: Of Birds and Other Strings’ is a poetic conversation between a source poem and ten poems found from within its lines. It’s a refraction of language and image through poetic prisms, an intersection of the familiar and unfamiliar, blurring the edges through the 11 authors’ interpretations.

angela rawlings – a.rawlings – is a Canadian poet from Iceland, currently spending three months in Queensland as the 2012 Arts Queensland Poet in Residence. ‘GIBBERBIRD‘ was written during her first week, a poetic response to the newness of place and an exploration and ordering of the unfamiliar. The ten Queensland poets in this chapbook have, by invitation from the Queensland Poetry Festival, written a response to a.rawling’s GIBBERBIRD, creating a poetic conversation, a dialogue of interpretation rather that literality.

While a.rawlings is new to the flora and fauna of Queensland’s landscapes, each of the poets in conversation with her call Queensland home. The unfamiliar as seen through her eyes is their familiarity rendered anew.

The result is a poetic refraction of experience through language, as these ten poets read the remarkable ‘everyday-ness’ through a foreigner’s eyes, reinterpreting her response in a layering of reaction, reflection, response and recall. This is a conversation of birds and other strings.

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Sarah Gory

About Sarah Gory

Sarah Gory is a reader, writer, and cultural producer. She is Manager of the Queensland Poetry Festival and works in the programs team at Queensland Writers Centre. Prior to these roles, she was Manager of the National Young Writers Festival (2009-2010) and worked at Oxfam Australia. Originally from Melbourne, she now lives in Brisbane, where the pineapples are plentiful and the sun shines shinier.


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