Garcon-Mills on as Indigenous Engagement Editor and Guide for Indigenous Editing and Writing

By , , and | 26 September 2018

Cordite is honoured to announce that Laniyuk Garcon-Mills is joining the Cordite Poetry Review fold as Indigenous Engagement Editor / Advisor, and owner of Cordite Publishing Inc.’s Guide for Indigenous Editing and Writing.

The guide is intended for use by Cordite Publishing Inc. editors and journal and book authors, specifically, non-Indigenous contributors whose submissions engage substantially with Indigenous writing and culture. We can’t claim to be experts in the articulations of Indigenous cultural life. As such, Cordite practices the policy of having all writing on Indigenous literature adjudicated and commented upon by a senior Indigenous scholar in the required area. Cordite practices the policy of having all writing on Indigenous literature adjudicated and commented upon by an Indigenous writer. This is to assure that historical accuracy, cultural practices, law and lore are respected and treated as sovereign, assuring that those that write for Cordite gain and hopefully share a developing knowledge with our readership. Typical instances are reviews of Indigenous authored titles by non-Indigenous authors; and scholarly or feature essays engaged with Indigenous writing or culture. In other words, this guide applies mainly to critical content that is editorially commissioned.

We also value the opportunity for Cordite to be a site of development for Indigenous editing and editorial culture. The editorial / advisory role may contribute to commissioning decisions and to the editing of critical submissions by Indigenous authors.

Garcon-Mills is of French and Larrakia / Kungarrakan / Gurindji heritage, whose writing reflects the intersectionality of her cross-cultural and queer identity. She has contributed to Colouring the Rainbow: Blak Queer and Trans Perspectives, won the Indigenous residency for Canberra’s Noted Writers Festival 2017. She is a recent resident of the Copyright Agency Cultural Fund, Overland Writers Residency to address a lack of opportunities for marginalised writers.

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