A Decade of Cordite Interviews or: Mixed Laundry

4 March 2012

The interview is a format you will continue to read and ruminate on (and in greater numbers) now that Cordite has a designated interviews editor in Corey Wakeling. Additionally, Emily Stewart will also host shorter Q&As sporadically on this GUNCOTTON blog.

We also plan to dab our toe a bit deeper into the lexical maelstrom Earth is awash in – think zoot suits, think dirndls, think Mother Hubbard dresses, all mixing in with the comfy bluejeans that is English to most readers – for some of our upcoming engagements. Translations from English into Spanish, Bahasa Indonesian, Chinese, French and Norwegian of writers native to those tongues are brewing possibilities for the next year. Of course, this will not be at the expense of their in-English versions. They may appear side by side.

Curious as to who all has been previously interviewed in the html wonderland of Cordite, I spent some time sifting through the past decade of interview offerings. Much to my delight (but not surprise) I found a trove of engaging pieces.

In case you missed them years ago, here are a few that caught my attention:

2001: Kate Middleton Interviews Alison Croggon

2003: James Stuart Interviews Jean Orizet

2003: Paul Mitchell Interviews Dorothy Porter

2004: Benny Walter Interviews Justin Heazlewood

2004: David Prater Interviews Ian McBryde

2005: Ivy Alvarez Interviews Nick Carbó

2005: David Prater Interviews John Tranter

2006: Paul Mitchell Interviews Joel Deane

2008: George Dunford Interviews Paul Auster

2009: David Prater Interviews Arjen Duinker

2009: David Prater Interviews Ko Un

2009: Ali Alizadeh Interviews John Kinsella

2010: Matt Hall Interviews Peter Larkin

2011: Terry Jaensch Interviews Kim Ki-Taek

2011: David Prater Interviews Talan Memmott

These are but a few. Have a look around …

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