Poetry guest edited by David Prater

King Kong

Joel Deane lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for six years and innumerable earthquakes. His first novel, 'Another', won the IP Picks Award for Best Fiction and will be published by Interactive Press this year. A collection of his poetry, 'Subterranean Radio Songs', was commended for the IP Picks Award for Best Poetry.

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Hobart, 2003, Back to the Colonial Times

Ouyang Yu lives in Melbourne.

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Bridge of Tears

The old language, cut into the stone block like an epitaph, marks a bridge in the middle of nowhere. The stream it fords is far too small to carry a name and the stonework slung over it looks out of …

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National Museum

Jaya Savige lives on Bribie Island, in Moreton Bay, Queensland. His work has appeared in various newspapers, magazines, journals and e-zines, including The Age, Australian Book Review, Journal of Australian Studies, Cultural Studies Review, Meanjin, Overland and The Weekend Australian Review. He is also the recipient of the 2003 Val Vallis Poetry Award.

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