Poetry guest edited by Liam Ferney

Paul Hardacre: chiang mai

winter there or no / morphine or meat, secret link between the heart of man & things amidst the ruins left & first she fed him aspic seed (lavender) & earthworms, sealed the slot with dung / a little something …

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Paul Hardacre: kathmandu

could lose his leg, or his life / skin like green barley, & curled / the claw we always joked about, swept onto a railway platform or stored as one of herzog's toes / another memorable trimming session, black blood …

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Adam Aitken: Lines from The Lover

It was never a question of beauty but something else. Mind for example. For a long time you had no dress of your own, except those your mother had her servant make. D–• could sew with hair-fine needles, pleats and …

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Adam Aitken: Notes on the River

Prologue     a river's there for cutting grass for police to drop their pants have their fill al fresco for girls to sober up on a life whittled away by extortion icons of shame drifting in the garden shadows …

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John Tranter: For Robert Adamson

Rock and roll chained to the typewriter is one way of putting it, Southern Comfort is another, but without the comfort, and with the ending a surprise, as the ending repeats itself as the beginning back to front and then …

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