Phillip Hall

Phillip Hall lives in Melbourne’s Sunshine where he is a passionate member of the Western Bulldogs Football Club. His publications include Sweetened in Coals (Ginninderra Press), Borroloola Class (IPSI), Fume (UWAP) and (as editor) Diwurruwurru: Poetry from the Gulf of Carpentaria (Blank Rune Press). He is currently working on a collection of ekphrastic poetry, inspired by an Objectivist poetics, which celebrates Melbourne’s western suburbs while tackling such issues as mental health and sport as performance art.

Dystopian Empire

Gossip spot-fires in Borroloola’s Big Camp, excitement incites The Gravel, at Malandari, shopkeepers look up from their stocktaking and the whitefulla foreskins forget their power: dem people fightin’! twobula bardibardi ini dirt an dem whitefullas can’t stop’em… The grey nomad …

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Borroloola Blue

All around our steel home’s broad bull-nosed veranda we’d jack-hammered rock, dug garden beds and ponds, fenced an oasis as we planned for shade, blossoms, wildlife and fruit. Amongst the natives we’d cultivated paw paws, frangipanis, mangoes, bananas … Security …

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