Lee Cataldi

Lee Cataldi was born in 1942 in Sydney, Australia. She grew up in Tasmania, went to university in Sydney, then as a post-graduate to Oxford, England. Subsequently she lived and worked in England, then returned to Australia in 1974. She taught English for six years in an inner-city high school in Sydney, then worked as a teacher-linguist and then a field linguist in the Northern Territory and Western Australia. Her publications include books of poetry; Invitation to a Marxist Lesbian Party, The Women who Live on the Ground, Race Against Time and a Handbook to Sixteenth Century Rhetoric With Peggy Rockman Napaljarri Yimi-kirli she co-produced Warlpiri Narratives and Histories, and with Tjama Napanangka she published a Ngardi-English Dictionary. She now lives in the southern Mt Lofty Ranges of South Australia and breeds horses.

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as pieces of my life fall away each day smaller and fewer remaining compressed into this shrinking space the fire burns more ferociously and the sky has never been known to lend a hand to an old lag in a …

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