Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton is an Australian writer. She is the author of the poetry collections Fire Season (Giramondo, 2009), awarded the Western Australian Premier’s Award for Poetry in 2009 and Ephemeral Waters (Giramondo, 2013), shortlisted for the NSW Premier’s award in 2014, and Passage (Giramondo, 2017).


Your electric moon breast My black-trunked, gold-leaf slip Fall into flux Dissipate like white plumes You’re especially wild With a strange malaise for more Metallic aches, we moor Ourselves to a daisy, sit two abreast: Brush strokes of willed Grass …

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South Rim

Conversation, Where’s the river? overheard Beyond, wedging itself further into red rock Skimming the crust or surfing the horizon Soaking the silt-gifting walls Ducking from gulches, from washes, from side canyons Oh—there’s the river A mirage of silver light, parachuting …

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The Inaugural Sydney City Poet: Lisa Gorton Interviews Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton is the author of Fire Season (Giramondo 2009), was awarded the Western Australian Premier’s Award for Poetry in 2009, and was shortlisted for The Age Book of the Year in Poetry. This year, she is the inaugural Sydney City Poet.

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Gretel to Hansel My torn blouse and calloused fingers— these were relics of our adventure. Eucalypt leaves that clung in my hair; the long-stale brick of gingerbread. The bandages that wrapped my shredded legs after we emerged from the bush. …

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Hansel to Gretel It keeps coming, that night in the woods— a strip of light among the trees,and each time the moon a different color. It haunts me too. It’s as if our small theory of happiness had been irretrievably …

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First: remember it's a foreign country, Your words spun to remind me it's a foreign English fulfilling the promise of years watching white picket fences on TV.

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I Not really equatorial – in fact not at all, but distinctly northern, and seeming twice as close as the city I call home, houses weatherboard and colourful as beach houses carved in the mountain, sunset soon after 4 (being …

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I knew these festivals, these two festivals

An e-mail arrived one morning inviting me to be a guest at the Mildura Writers Festival, the weekend of 1-4 August. I'd been recommended as an emerging writer. We would love to be the first festival you get invited to!! …

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Kate Middleton Interviews Alison Croggon

Alison Croggon was the 2000 Australia Council writer in residence at Cambridge University. Her work takes on a variety of forms including poetry, prose and texts for theatre.

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I'm the very picture of red-lipped hot-blooded petulance: you comment on the glow of my cheeks – rouge has done wonders for my complexion. You see, I'm usually very pale, & look as though I'm wasting away. A touch of …

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