Jocelyn Deane

Jocelyn Deane was born in London, 1993 before moving to Australia in 2001. They have been published in Voiceworks, Australian Poetry, Seizure, and were shortlisted for the 2015 Marsden and Hachette prize for poetry. They currently live in Melbourne, where they study creative writing and linguistics, in addition to working as a freelance programmer.

Trading Cards

You suggest playing Pokémon cards with the saints, their diversity and collectible-wide range passing dry winters in Coyoacán, a street musician’s distance from a plaster, huge Christ-child, ice-blue, genitalia revealed. Play in the patio we recognise is catching more specific …

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Darwin Memorial Library

The library held the bridge of heaven: a 4-metre squared skylight, solving water large enough for hush, and – a child’s Richter scale of vowels and first words: duhk, back-bird, cook-hoo, the fiction section, the giant cat-fish making the earth …

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