Gregory Horne

Gregory Horne is a poet and teacher whose poems have been published in a number of Australian literary journals. He lives with his wife and three children in the Blue Mountains, NSW.

Jem Finch Gets It

Aunt Alexandra came as early as she could. Sat staring out the kitchen window over collards until she roused her teaspoon, swore I swear under sweetened breath, said nothing was the same since A. went and made his self a …

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Sixth Bell

He washes up upon the shore, that blue man, waxen in the printer’s trowel of harbour light. A wedding pumps on the waterfront, a limo driver smokes and blows his rings at bats, and he who looks so often to …

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The Esper Machine

“proper meanings were the last to be found” Rousseau   1. Deckard consults Roman Jakobson about a possible replicant. I put the picture of a man – someone with aphasia – in the Esper Machine.           …

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Ern Malley III: A Difficult Love

And if the younger William Butler Yeats were one of his regular drinking mates, a few under the belt on Anzac Day would square this difficult love away, and Eve would open again her western gates as in that hot …

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Ern Malley III: Fitzgerald (A visitation)

Prologue: Jay Gatz works a double on the ‘Belle’ The wedding guests had boarded late, so entrees were not served til eight. In silence, Jay Gatz cursed the bride then turned back to the pan, the plate. Standing in a …

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From Mrs Saville, England

Can your icy mind imagine all the horrors?

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The valley of his youth is going slowly bald

The valley of his youth is going slowly bald El valle de su juventud va lentamente calvo A sad fate in any language for, the sky opens up and loosens river slicks whereas the breasts of his love could belong …

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The Centrifuge

The valley of his youth is going slowly bald

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