Emily Stewart

Emily Stewart is a poet and book editor based in Sydney. Her chapbook Like was published by Bulky News Press in early 2015.

‘Hunger repletion musick fire’: Dransfield, Post-punk and the Countrylink Express

Many of you will be clued-in on the recent commentary re. Gray and Lehmann’s Australian Poetry Since 1788 anthology, published toward the end of last year. One of the criticisms of the book has been the choice of poets included, …

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State of Origin

“This is Hodges’ outstanding winger Steve Price swallowed up by Lockyer’s tackle They’ve been together a long time – as mates […] Back to the sideline & finish him off! Turn that left hand Carney! “An intended intercept should nullify …

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Bernie Malley: Blu-ray Morpheus

  His metamorphosis contains the very mystery of sleep: the outline of a fluidity, the look, sign, and gesture of evanescence with the charm and virtue of presence – Jean-Luc Nancy   a. Technicolour dreaming leads me here again an …

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Bernie Malley: red eye

inflight enter- tainment guide say “chillax”. glance prehist- oric day dawned corrugated charmed, seams of burn- ished earth ochre deep spindly curve end fabled plinths, white. this new day is witness: trajectory of god s rich, myths eternal gold spun …

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