Ann Vickery

Ann Vickery is Senior Lecturer in Writing and Literature at Deakin University. She is the author of Leaving Lines of Gender: A Feminist Genealogy of Language Writing (2000), Stressing the Modern: Cultural Politics in Australian Women’s Poetry (2007), The Complete Pocketbook of Swoon (2014), and Devious Intimacy (2015). She co-authored The Intimate Archive: Journeys through Private Papers (2009) with Maryanne Dever and Sally Newman, co-edited Manifesting Australian Literary Feminisms: Nexus and Faultines (2009) with Margaret Henderson, and co-edited Poetry and the Trace (2013) with John Hawke.

Vivienne; or, A Little Local History

Style: the Sibyl’s only available expression. Reversible epigrams filched as seasonal must from the fathers. You think assassination a pretext for kindness. Love in the time of your own good collar her bag of ferrets, the hide, not the fathoms. …

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Gig Ryan’s New and Selected Poems

Gig Ryan asserts that, ‘Poetry is our response to the world, but it’s also the thing we poets find the most taxing, the best of engaging our brains. Ideally – like all good art – it should make us think.’ Yet, as she also acknowledges, meaning is often secondary when reading poetry. That is, it is intensified and made more complex by the poem’s sensual materiality and the affect it may evoke.

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Western Triv

(courtesy of the White Cockatoo) Petersham: the formerly fashionable but now rather heavy overcoat on the portugese tart. Tickertape ribbons and other dictionary entries. Lip-reading Theory of the Leisure Classes, little Ern stumbles through the public primary before graduating to …

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