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aj carruthers is an Australian-born experimental poet/critic. He lectures in poetry and literature at the School of Languages & Literature, SUIBE, Shanghai. Works include AXIS Book 1: Areal (Sydney: Vagabond, 2014), an ongoing long poem, and a book of criticism on American poetry: Stave Sightings: Notational Experiments in North American Long Poems, 1961-2011 (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2017). He's Poetry Reviews Editor of Southerly, Essays Editor at Rabbit Poetry Journal and Co-Editor (with Amelia Dale) of SOd Press: Also see "online" works: URL---------- -----------URL: -------------- Currently writing a book on avant-garde Australian poetry since the 1970s, its transnational influences and poetics. Tweets "the weather" @:

Review Short: Fiona Hile’s Novelties

NoveltiesIn Lacanian theory, ‘matheme’ and ‘patheme’ share an interesting correlation. While the matheme is, obviously, on the side of science, the patheme is part of the ‘logics’ of affect, whereby the body is an effect of language. Matheme and patheme don’t immediately have anything to do with sexual difference or ‘mechanistic’ versus ‘organicist’ understandings of the universe. There is nothing mysterious about the patheme. Rather, the patheme could be thought of as what the poem does to the poet’s body analogously to what a matheme does to a mathematician’s body: force it to work and, in some cases, give it pain.

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Andrew Carruthers Reviews Jessica Wilkinson

In an intriguing vispo ‘Free Music,’ published here in Cordite in 2011, Jessica L. Wilkinson hangs a score. Hung, literally: for what is it about the musical score that gets hung up on text? What was the final sentence? No: hang the score, hang it, Wilkinson writes! Wilkinson’s visible labor is at work in the lower half of the piece, where letters are strung along lines: alphabetic versus diastemmatic (or neumic) notation.

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‘Xerographesis’: On Poetic Art and the Object in Amanda Stewart and Anne Tardos

Realism seems very S and M in its desires – Amanda Stewart, ‘Poetry Ideas’ What I write, as I have said before, could only be called poetry because there is no other category in which to put it. – Marianne …

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