Adam Aitken

Adam Aitken's last collection was Archipelago (Vagabond Press), which was shortlisted for the Kenneth Slessor Award for Poetry. He is co-editor of Contemporary Asian Australian Poets (Puncher & Wattmann).

Lament: The Chicken Rice Hawker, Penang

Adam Aitken is the author of Romeo and Juliet in Subtitles (Brandl and
Schlesinger). He is now completing an unreliable (fictionalised) memoir
about his parents.

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Hybrid Heaven

Two-way MMDS: Today and Tomorrow (HEV) Program. Search. What is an HEV HEV Components Frequently 2000 HYBRID Comments? swap kits, customization and modification of the model. It's not just a concept. Graphical tutorial explains the workings with low prices and …

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Three Sonnets

‘The East is a career.' – Benjamin Disraeli 1. The Maharaja from Maroubra My jumbo landed its one wheel of faith. The runway of the heart was dark. Our import was a virus that flooded their cells then decimated the …

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The Lemons of Lands End

It was worth it, forty pence for the Cornish Express. (the broadsheet, not the bus) in a grocer shop Lands End way. And the wait, so long; for the bus would never come they said, no one here had seen …

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