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When the Wind Stopped

I read somewhere that the words ‘ekphrasis’ and ‘ekphrastic’ had at one stage a reference only in the Oxford dictionary, but nowadays these words are very much part of poets’ vocabularies and practices and most poets at some stage write …

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Judith Beveridge’s Twelve Highlights from 2014

Throughout 2014, Judith Beveridge selected one poem per month to spotlight in Cordite Poetry Review, and she delivered excellent choices … writing a bit to each selection. We have compiled them all here in one article. Enjoy!

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All The Things I Kept

1. Grief is the feeling you have the process you pass through like a tunnel but more physiological / a response to losing some thing / some one you once loved. So when they call to tell me you are …

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‘The Rally Is Calling’: Dashiell Moore Interviews Lionel Fogarty

The poetry of Yoogum and Kudjela man, Lionel Fogarty, may be hard to follow, often distorting colloquial phrases or standardised grammar to retool the colonising English language into a form of resistance.

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Translated Extracts from Chantal Danjou

Rehabilitation of the Inferno If Yellow (Extracts) an odour of cut grass she who walks falters land of deceiving linearity like creases in a pillow black and white slumber one foot in a dream the other harried bust opening its …

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because of the Cultural Revolution because of the Sino-Japanese war because of the marriage of convenience because of the CCP because of the KMT because of the industrial boom because of the Asian financial crisis because he took pills to …

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from Conglomerates

Myself I saw the first tender shoots of Gehry thumbnails planted two-and-a-half blocks from the beach, Sydney Eastern Standard Time. That good ideas pitch us forward is a mid-week provocation. This good idea makes the same old view newly visible, …

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Re-visiting Chernobyl

1. Liquidation1 The earth has always been so accommodating, enfolding all kinds of calamities: the meteoric end of dinosaurs, the Neanderthals and other botched experiments, the debris of bronze and iron ages, modern battlegrounds . . . And there is …

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Children of Homeland

I. In their bamboo huts, where bullets Could trace them, they tried to hide Behind their mothers’ bodies as if They could be infants in wombs again. Their mothers’ pleas the only shield, “Tama na! Mga sibilyan lang mi!” But …

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Dominique Hecq Reviews Melinda Smith and Caren Florance

Seeking to cast light on Melinda Smith’s Goodbye, Cruel alongside her collabo-rative work with Caren Florance titled Members Only is like approaching a hive of fully-formed poems.

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The 2018 Event Horizon of Micro Press Poetry Publishing in Australia

I begin with cosmic censorship conjecture, a formally observed tête-à-tête that coils between astrophysicists whenever they get worked up over space and matter. Einstein’s theory of general relativity predicts that matter can cataclysmically implode to a state where a given density and the space-time curvature split towards infinite values.

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Today it is raining and I am glad for this falling down house that still keeps the wet out. I write in pyjamas. I write with a mosquito bite on the arch of my left foot. I write with a …

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