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Annelise Roberts Reviews Anne M Carson’s Massaging Himmler: A Poetic Biography of Dr Felix Kersten

‘The world today is a sick world,’ wrote Estonian-born Dr Felix Kersten in 1947, ‘and it was made so by a group of sick men.’

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Letter to Anne Carson: Work of Remembrance and Mourning

‘I came to think of translating,’ you write in Nox ‘… as a room, not exactly an unknown room, where one gropes for the light switch.’ I read your words and imagine you standing in a dark room, your hand thrust forward for a handshake with Catullus’s Poem 101.

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Review Short: Anne M. Carson’s Removing the Kimono

Removing the KimonoEvery poem in Anne M. Carson’s collection is appealing on account of the distinctive cast of mind revealed in a precise language that registers the author’s alertness to all senses. Three groups of poems establish a pattern of mortality and rebirth, of natural forces and human emotions.

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40.0 Interlocutor Melanie Scaife | Luminosity Study | 2011 Poetry Editorial: Libby Hart Essays: John Mateer on Nativism and Juan Garrido-Salgado on exile Interviews: Oscar Schwartz drinks with Del Ray Cross and Graham Nunn records angela rawlings Features: Geoff Page …

Melinda Bufton Reviews Ursula Robinson-Shaw’s Noonday

Noonday is an intriguingly built set of poems. As a reader, I am looking to be jolted into a new paradigm.

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Pam Brown Reviews Angela Rockel’s Rogue Intensities

It’s January. As I begin to write this review it’s over 40 degrees celsius outside our small non-air-conditioned house in inner suburban Sydney.

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When Words Have No Equals: A Response to Lisa Robertson’s Thresholds: A Prosody of Citizenship

How far, then, is it possible to move beyond the confines of official languages, to find one’s voice? Is it possible to begin again, to reinvent oneself, and therefore change interactions with others, through language? Lisa Robertson certainly thinks so.

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Artist Bios for Cordite Publishing Inc. 2020 City of Melbourne Arts Project Funding

Print book authors Lucy Van is a post-doctoral researcher at the English and Theatre Studies program, University of Melbourne, producing scholarship on postcolonial poetry, colonial photography, and postcolonial theory. She is also incubating an interdisciplinary, collaborative project about the contemporary …

Alex Creece Reviews Marion May Campbell’s third body

third body takes form on the cusp of metamorphoses between species, ecosystems, technologies, existential planes, and even between art and artist.

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Melody Paloma Reviews Keri Glastonbury

What is it about the sonnet? How is it that the infinite possibilities of those 14 lines can remain as persuasive and perplexing in 2018, in Newcastle, as they did in fourteenth century Italy?

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Avalon Airport / How to Unatomise the Fragment

Is a day, sending two messages, going for a swim, making a soup & doing the crossword, enough? The human rights watch articulates clearly on tv Debating, not without minimal despair, the applications Something feels unwell, or wasted (time-sick) I …

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Review Short: Therese Lloyd’s The Facts and Helen Heath’s Are Friends Electric?

These lines have come from feeding the collection into an online text randomiser. What sounds and looks like decisions made by a person is the work of a consciousless algorithm capable of capturing a question that charges the whole book: What does it mean to be ‘you’?

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